Conference Concept​

Opening (21.04.2024)​


The conference inauguration is set for April 21, 2024. Its primary purpose is to acquaint all participants with the conference, its concept, and its significance. Various speakers from academia and civil society will introduce the conference theme. The opening day will also host the initial gathering of workshop groups.

Workshops (21.04.2024-25.04.2024: 9-12.30h)

The student conference features approximately 12 simultaneous interdisciplinary workshops, serving as a central component. In each workshop, around 25 students from diverse backgrounds and departments collaborated under the guidance of an interdisciplinary team of lecturers, focusing on specific topics related to the conference theme of “Building Futures Together” Workshop concepts are currently being crafted by interdisciplinary, partly international, lecturer teams. Further details about the workshops can be found here.

During the registration process, students have the opportunity to select their preferred workshops. Based on these preferences, the scientific committee will ensure a well-balanced allocation of students to workshops, considering factors such as gender, background, motivation, discipline, language proficiency, university, and the inclusion of students representing minorities.

All workshops are designed to be inclusive, problem-solving oriented, and aimed at enhancing academia, dialogue, reconciliation, and interdisciplinary thinking.


The conference closing is scheduled for April 25, 2024, at the grand university theater and will consist of two parts:

The day begins with a gallery walk, where students will present the outcomes of each workshop, including project ideas and concepts. This session aims to facilitate knowledge transfer across workshops and provide each student with an opportunity to develop presentation skills. The results of the gallery walk will be summarized in small, guided student teams regarding the overall conference questions. These summaries will then be discussed in a large student conference, where students will formulate overall conclusions and points for discussion. Student representatives will raise these in the afternoon podium discussion.

The second part of the closing day involves a public exhibition of the workshop results. This aims to ensure that the outcomes of the workshops are acknowledged by fellow students, academics, an interdisciplinary scientific audience, important stakeholders from local civil society, and developmental actors affiliated with our partnering organizations. The podium discussion will include students, professors, university leadership members, and external stakeholders, reflecting on the conference theme and expressing their thoughts on questions of sustainable reconstruction and the role of academia in this process. The design of the closing day aligns with our focus on students’ visions for implementing sustainability-related concepts in their immediate region.