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Unforunately it is not possible. We  had more than 1000 applications and we did our best to assign you to a workshop according to your wish or your subject. We hope you will still enjoy our conference, learn something new and find new friends.

Yes, we will give a certificate on the closing day (25.04.2024). In some cases it may take a little longer. If you do not get your certificate until 2 weeks after the conference, please write us: [email protected]

No.  We will provide you with workshopmaterials. But if you have something that you want to use, you can do this.

Please discuss with your workshop lecturers.

Please contact the student committee, they will help you. Please mail to: [email protected]

Please write us an email, with your Name


        Phone Number:

        College and: Department:

        And the Workshop you would like to attend, to: [email protected]